Dear customer

Congratulation for your good taste and selection. This company would like to inform that  inside all white plastic containers 861, there is a plastic container of original paint and inside all acrylic containers, there is a main acrylic paint container. In addition, in all opaque, bright, semi bight and premier –patch- paints, a quarter kilogram color paint pet is placed. In addition, a gift is put inside  some of the plastic containers 861.

In addition, this company has marketed a new product- a half plastic paint by order, code 971 which is of high quality. It could be washed and provides coverage like a full plastic paint.

Please ask shops for the new paint. It is marketed in 12 Kg gallons and a main plastic paint pet is inside it as a gift. In two months, this gift will be continued in code 971 as well. For other paints, however, the gifts will be put inside the packs till March 2016.

Since the lead content of oil paints remain in the environment for many years after consumption and as it is very dangerous for children and old people, please be advised that all oil paints of this company are lead free.

After using these products, please share your opinion with us via SMS and internet in following addresses. In addition, it is recommended to use the paints products of this company for changing the coloring of white colors from the main paint.